In my previous article, I demonstrated how we can use AWS S3 and Cloudfront to host a static website with OAUTH2 login.

This article is a step forward to automate the AWS provisioning using Terraform and Jenkins pipeline.

Below is a working example of a Terraform script:-

My current domain, Supply Chain & Container Logistics, is buzzing with various Blockchain use cases, pilots, and even production-grade deployments.

Enterprise Blockchain (not cryptocurrency) I believe has finally bloomed out of its academic thesis/research papers cocoon to its crucial commercial acceptance form. …

I recently came across a requirement to host a website, written in vue.js and using Oauth2 login on the cloud(AWS).

The website is lightweight and decoupled from the backend. Hence I didn’t want to use a web server (like Nginx or Apache httpd).

I did a quick Poof of Concept…

Hand Pose detection like thumbs up (👍) or thumbs down (👎) can be very crucial in man machine interfacing and (semi) automation.

For example in hazardous areas or areas with a lot of network connectivity interferences a remote/drone camera with hand pose detection integrated with backend operational software can…

For some time now Smart Containers (physical containers used to ship goods across oceans) is in my range of interest.

Smart Container = Dumb container + IoT + Network + Cloud (possibly Blockchain)

Smart Container

So I did some reading ….

And this is what I understood (current trend):-

A super generic block diagram

This article is fit for teams developing cross platform apps, may be using a common language like React Native/Flutter and wants to integrate their automation tests with appium into the CICD flow.

This also assumes the interest in having a CICD on cloud with apple hardware.

General considerations

If there is an…

Practice makes perfect

Mind space for practice, progress and sharing…

Sorting related

Graph Related

Square Matrix Rotation

Two Sum

Dynamic Programming

Christoper Nolan put forward a perspective of Batman, as a symbol and not as a individual in the best possible way. Here is why I think Java SDK is the Batman in the programming world.

This is so true for current Java SDK.

When Java SDK first shipped on January…

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